Universal Production Music



BMG Zomba 制作音乐(2003-2007)
Killer Tracks 制作音乐(至 2019 年)
卡帕加马(至 2021 年)
FirstCom Music(直到 2021 年在美国和加拿大合并)

BMG Zomba Production Music (2003-2007)
Universal Publishing Production Music (2007-2017)
United States and Canada
Killer Tracks Production Music (until 2019)
France and Germany
Kapagama (until 2021)
FirstCom Music (until merged in 2021 in the United States and Canada)




United States


Universal Music Publishing GroupUniversal Production Music 是一家制作音乐发行商,在将当时最近收购的 Zomba Production Music 部门并入 BMG 后,于 2003 年作为 BMG Zomba Production Music 成立。 2007 年,环球音乐出版公司收购了 BMG 音乐出版公司和 BMG Zomba Production 音乐库。

Universal Production Music 在美国和加拿大的分销商前身为 Killer Tracks Production Music,以美国制作音乐库 Killer Tracks 命名。 2019 年,Killer Tracks Production Music 更名为 Universal Production Music。

2021 年 7 月 12 日,Universal PM 的美国分公司和 FirstCom Music 合并,因此后者的目录可在前者的网站上找到。

2022 年 2 月,Universal PM 推出了一个名为 Usample 的新网站。 在他们的标签下,Bruton Vaults 和 Chappell Vaults,他们一直在数字化这两个目录。

Universal Music Publishing GroupUniversal Production Music is a production music distributor founded in 2003 as BMG Zomba Production Music after folding the then-recently acquired Zomba Production Music unit into BMG. In 2007, Universal Music Publishing acquires BMG Music Publishing and the BMG Zomba Production Music library.

Universal Production Music’s distributor in the United States and Canada was formerly known as Killer Tracks Production Music, named after the American production music library, Killer Tracks. In 2019, Killer Tracks Production Music was rebranded to Universal Production Music.

On July 12, 2021, Universal PM’s US branch and FirstCom Music were merged and as a result, the latter’s catalogs are available on the former’s site.

In February 2022, Universal PM launched a new website under the name of Usample. Under their labels, Bruton Vaults and Chappell Vaults, they have been digitizing the two catalogs.

Former libraries

  • Access Promo
  • Cezame
  • Immediate Music (2008-2017, 2013-2017 (in North America))
  • Nightingale Music Library (in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand)
  • Noise Pump Music (in Scandinavia and India)
  • Parry Music (in Hong Kong)
  • Sonoton (in Hong Kong; until late 2010’s)
  • UBM Media


  • 3Monkeys
  • 10 Miles (outside Israel)
  • A Remarkable Idea
  • A-List Music
  • Abbey Road Masters
  • Access Music
  • AFROSONIC (outside South Africa)
  • As Seen On TV
  • Atlantic Seven (in South East Asia)
  • Atmosphere
    • Indigo
  • Atomic Overture (selected territories)
  • Audio Wax
  • Aurora Production Music
  • BBC Production Music
  • Berlin Production Music
  • Best 4
  • BPM Score Music
  • Bruton Music (outside of the United States and Canada)
  • Capitol Studio Masters
  • Chappell Recorded Music Library
  • Chronicles of Hip Hop
  • Classical
  • Connect Music
  • CPM Music (in Hong Kong)
  • Cute Music (selected territories)
  • DarkFly
  • Deutsche Grammophon
  • Elias Music
  • ENERGY Music
  • Essential Africa (outside South Africa)
  • Essential Asia
  • EVO
  • FCAnimated
  • FirstCom Music
    • Hollywood Music
  • Flexitracks
  • Focus Music
    • Airplay
  • Freshworx
  • Front Runners
  • Galerie
  • Gotham Music
  • Gum Music Society
  • GUM Tapes
  • Hypersonic Music
  • In Reality
  • Invasion From Mars (outside North America)
  • K2
  • Killer Tracks
    • Chronic Trax
    • Chuck D Presents
    • Greatest Hits
    • ICON Trailer Music
    • Killer Animation
    • Killer Artist Series
    • Killer Edge
    • Killer Latino
    • Killer Promos
    • Killer Scores Set
    • Killer Stage And Screen
    • New York Beats (NYB) (Formerly known as Not Just Jingles (NJJ))
    • Zero to Sixty
  • Koka Media
  • Kosinus (outside of the United States and Canada)
  • LEGACY (selected territories)
  • L’Illustration Musicale
  • The License Lab (selected territories, in North America through Elias Music)
  • Liquid Cinema (selected territories)
  • Mannheim Steamroller
  • MasterSource
  • Match Music
    • XS
  • Music House (only in United States)
  • Music Journey
  • Network Music
    • SLAM!
  • Ninja Tune Production Music (outside United Kingdom)
  • Noise Refinery  (outside North America)
  • Nordic ID
  • Nova
  • Nuggets
  • Nuvotone
  • OneMusic
  • Paris Music
  • Pedigree Cuts
  • Point Production Music
  • Pop Machine (selected territories)
  • RCAL
  • Reality by Christopher Franke
  • ReverbNation Music (selected territories)
  • Roadside Couch
  • Sampler
  • Sarao Music
  • Score Addition
  • Scoring Pictures
  • SEE
  • Sketch Music
  • Sonic Beat Records
  • Soho Production Music (selected territories)
  • Sound Pocket Music
  • SoundBreakers
  • Strange Fruit (in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand)
  • SXSW Music Library (outside of North America)
  • Storyteller
  • True Stories
  • Ultimate Latin Series
  • Universal Trailer Series
  • Velocity
  • Vitamin A
  • Volta Music
  • Wall of Noise
  • Warner Bros. Production Music
  • Zone Music (only in North America)