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个人认为Life in an Hourglass是史诗音乐界的巅峰专辑,Life in an Hourglass这一首让我认识了Andreas和Florian这两位天才作曲家。I personally think that Life in an Hourglass is the pinnacle album of the epic music industry. The song Life in an Hourglass made me know two talented composers, Andreas and Florian.

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Ninja Tracks 是一家独立的音乐制作和出版公司,专门为主要电影和视频游戏广告活动以及电影、电视、视频游戏和广告的配乐提供原创高端音乐和声音设计。Ninja Tracks is an independent music production and publishing company specializing in original high end music and sound design for major motion picture and video game advertising campaigns, as well as scores for film, television, video games and commercials.

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It turns out that epic works not only shock people's hearts, but also make people learn to maintain the purest imagination in the real world, to praise dreams, to interpret the world, and to live.原来,史诗作品不仅震撼着人的心灵,更是让人在现实世界,学会保持着一份最纯真的想象力,去赞美梦想,去解读世界,去生活。