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个人认为Life in an Hourglass是史诗音乐界的巅峰专辑,Life in an Hourglass这一首让我认识了Andreas和Florian这两位天才作曲家。I personally think that Life in an Hourglass is the pinnacle album of the epic music industry. The song Life in an Hourglass made me know two talented composers, Andreas and Florian.

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Colossal Trailer Music 是一家位于加州阳光明媚的洛杉矶的拖车音乐制作公司。 我们为美国和英国的一些最大的游戏和电影广告活动创作音乐。 最新作品包括,潘,圣安地列斯,深红峰,最后的女巫猎人,魔多之影,蝙蝠侠阿卡姆骑士,乐高次元,狐狸捕手,福尔摩斯先生和蝙蝠小子等等。



      Colossal Trailer Music is a trailer music production house located in sunny Los Angeles, CA. We create music for some of the biggest game & motion picture advertising campaigns in the US and UK. Latest placements include, Pan, San Andreas, Crimson Peak, The Last Witch Hunter, Shadow Of Mordor, Batman Arkham Knight, Lego Dimensions, Fox Catcher, Mr. Holmes and Batkid Begins among many others.

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发行商:SPM 音乐集团
质量:16 位 | 128-320 kbps | 44.1-48 kHz | 立体声

Publisher: SPM Music Group
Website: spmmusicgroup.sourceaudio.com/#!home
Format: mp3, m4a
Quality: 16 bit | 128-320 kbps | 44.1-48 kHz | stereo


CTM001: UnunpentiumCTM002: InvolutionCTM003: SubmersiveCTM004: PandemicCTM005: DestructoCTM006: SchizoCTM007: Weighted GroundCTM008: Drowning AbyssCTM009: EquilibriumCTM010: OutlandishCTM011: MetropiaCTM012: Memoria InvictusCTM013: Tears of Winter (m4a)CTM015: Land of the Brave (m4a)CTM016: Labyrinth (m4a)CTM017: Cryogenesis (m4a)CTM018: Beautiful World (m4a)CTM019: SeveredCTM020: Creepy Creepers from CreepvilleCTM021: Headless Body In Topless Bar (128 kbps)CTM022: Death of a Sidekick (128 kbps)CTM023: EclipticonCTM024: Terra FirmaCTM025: ApocalypticaCTM026: AmazoniaCTM028: BlitzkriegCTM030: Low End Junkies (128 kbps)CTM031: Myths & LegendsCTM032: PatrioticaCTM033: Solenoid X (128 kbps)CTM034: Return Of The Forgotten (128 kbps)CTM035: Severed 2CTM036: Zeitgeist (128 kbps)CTM037: Supernova (128 kbps)CTM038: Encounters (128 kbps)CTM039: Cascades (128 kbps)CTM040: Blitzkrieg 2 (128 kbps)CTM041: Drowning Abyss 2 (128 kbps)CTM042: Bangers and Smash 2 (128 kbps)CTM043: Pulsatronic (128 kbps)CTM044: The Butterfly EffectCTM045: Schizo 2 (128 kbps)CTM046: Synthetica (128 kbps)CTM048: Severed 3 (128 kbps)CTM049: Evolvenation (128 kbps)CTM050: Life in an Hourglass (128 kbps)CTM051: Solenoid X2 (128)


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