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Project X27(也称为 XtoCC)翻译 Final Cut Pro X 库 XML (fcpxml) 并将其转换为导入 Adob​​e 的 Creative Cloud 应用程序 – Premiere Pro、Audition & After Effects – 或其他兼容的应用程序。

          X to CC 是将 Final Cut Pro X 事件或项目移动到的多合一工具:

          Premiere Pro,

          After Effects(版本 17.0.5 之前),

          Audition, and beyond!

          (如果您需要以另一种方式进行翻译——从 Final Cut Pro 7 到 Final Cut Pro X——还有一个应用程序可以做到 这一点!)

         您的 Final Cut Pro XML 已准备好: Premiere Pro,然后到 AAF 到 Avid Media Composer 和 Pro Tools ProTools 的 OMF EDL After Effects(17.0.5 版之前) Audition Final Cut Pro 7 其他依靠 Final Cut Pro 7 XML 的工作流程工具。 一个典型的 Final Cut Pro X 项目: • 开头和结尾的标题; • 主要故事情节和相关剪辑的混合; • 活动和非活动剪辑的混合; • 大量的 J 和 L 切割; • 待办事项标记和常规标记; • 现场音效;和 • 交叉溶解过渡。 所有转移都没有问题。未完成的待办事项标记显示为红色标记,已完成的待办事项标记显示为绿色标记, 蓝色的 Final Cut Pro X 标记为 Final Cut Pro 7 中的蓝色标记。

          The all-in-one tool to move a Final Cut Pro X Event or Project to: Premiere Pro, After Effects (before version  17.0.5 ), Audition, and beyond! Project X₂7 (also called XtoCC) translates Final Cut Pro X Library XML (fcpxml) and converts it for import into Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps – Premiere Pro, Audition & After Effects – or other compatible applications.   (If you need translation the other way — from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X — there’s an app for that too!)   Your Final Cut Pro XML is ready for: Premiere Pro, and then to AAF to Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools OMF for ProTools EDL After Effects (before version 17.0.5) Audition Final Cut Pro 7 other Final Cut Pro 7 XML workflow tools.   A typical Final Cut Pro X Project with:   •titles at the start and end; •a mixture of primary storyline and connected clips; •a mix of active and inactive clips; •large numbers of J and L cuts; •to-do markers and regular markers; •spot audio effects; and •cross-dissolve transitions.  All transfer without problem.  Unfinished to-do markers appear as red markers, completed to-do markers as Green markers, and the blue Final Cut Pro X markers as blue markers in Final Cut Pro 7.

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🎵【Software Downloads】下载格式
🎵【Software Downloads】下载格式


从以下链接下载应用程序的 .zip 文件
在 Finder 中选择 .zip 文件,然后选择“文件”>“打开方式”>“存档实用程序”

如果您收到“无法打开,因为它来自身份不明的开发人员”Gatekeeper 警告:右键单击(或按住 Control 单击)应用程序并选择打开,然后单击打开按钮运行应用程序。 (您只需执行此操作一次。)

此处未列出的应用程序可在 Mac App Store 中获得。


  1. Download the application’s .zip file from the links below
  2. Select the .zip file in Finder and choose File > Open With > Archive Utility
  3. Drag the unzipped application into your Applications folder

If you get a “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” Gatekeeper warning: right-click (or Control-click) the application and choose Open, then click the Open button to run the application. (You’ll only need to do this once.)

Apps not listed here are available in the Mac App Store.

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